Stabbed to death defending his lover

Stabbed to death defending his lover


The man who was stabbed to death for a dog fight last Friday in Montreal simply wanted to defend his girlfriend against her violent and manipulative ex-spouse, according to the latter.

“It's ironic. Him [the victim] and me, it started because he wanted to protect me from my ex, ”says Sarah Piché-Senécal, kneeling in front of the memorial made in honor of Rance Sullivan.

The 34-year-old woman agreed to confide in the Journal about her 27-year-old boyfriend who lost his life, to denounce the perverse effects of domestic violence.

She can't help but burst into tears as area residents stop by to offer their support and sympathy at the scene of the murder which took place last Friday.

The 27-year-old man was stabbed to death by his girlfriend's ex-spouse last Friday in Montreal.

That morning, around 5 a.m., the couple were about to go for a walk with Molly, a 5-year-old black Labrador retriever, when the lady's ex-husband, Theodore Gliga, allegedly appeared at the door of their apartment in the Mile-End to seize the animal.

On conditional release, Gliga was nevertheless under house arrest, and had the right to be away from home only for emergencies or for work.

“It was really unexpected. We haven't been together for over a year. I tried to stay friends, to help him. Stockholm syndrome is vicious,” says Ms. Piché-Senécal.

She even says that she recently had to change her personal number, so Gliga would have been “harassing”.

“I should have left earlier. I regret it so much, ”she continues.

The Montreal police combed through the scene, on rue Jeanne-Mance, in the Mile-End district.

Struck in the ribs

Insisting that her dog not be used to manipulate her, the woman did not object to her ex taking her away.

Witnesses to the scene, Rance Sullivan and his friend Justin Hunt, 29, came to his defense, going to pick up Molly.

This is where the altercation degenerated. 

The suspect then allegedly attacked the young man , who was shot in the ribs.

“Rance was walking towards me,” says Mr. Hunt. He was proud that we had solved the situation [of the dog], then he collapsed. We stayed with him until his last breath. »

His death was pronounced on the spot, near the sidewalk of rue Jeanne-Mance, a few steps from rue Bernard.

Ex jealous

The The suspect was arrested a few hours after the tragedy took place, near one of his friends. He reportedly did not resist arrest.

Stabbed to death defending his lover

Photo courtesy Theodore Gliga, Suspect

“I should have known. Theodore was angry that I was with Rance. We were in a very toxic relationship. He was manipulative and controlling, says Ms. Piché-Senécal. But I can't blame myself.

The latter says she is convinced that her ex would have acted in this way in front of anyone who wanted to come between them.

“I can't say it was planned [the attack], but the way he stabbed him, [the suspect] knew what he was doing. Rance was an obstacle between him and me, “believes the one who held her bleeding lover in her arms.

Traumatized, Ms. Piché-Senécal does not hesitate to speak up to help other victims of abusive relationship.

“If a person sees domestic violence, they have to break the isolation, in order to bring the victim back to reality,” she continues, while flattering Molly.< /p>

Better future

After going through difficult times in their lives, each on their own, the two new lovers finally saw hope, “together”.

“I was getting better. Rance helped me, and I knew he loved me very much,” says Ms. Piché-Senécal, about her boyfriend, whom those close to her described as “unifying”.

“For him, nothing was serious. He held no grudges against anyone, adds his friend Tina Scalia, 23, who organized a crowdfunding campaign for the funeral. It doesn't seem real yet. »

– With Antoine Lacroix

Theodore Gliga, 28, was charged until now to have been freed for no good reason. His case is due back in court today.

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