Stan Boris regained his balance after a painful loss. How did this happen

Saying goodbye can be very painful …

 Stan Boris regained balance after a painful loss. How did it happen

Some time ago the media circulated information about a very sad event in the life of Stan Boris and his beloved. The media reported the death of the aged Marquis, the artist's beloved dog.

A difficult farewell made the celebrity holed up at home for some time

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Stan Borys was unable to come to terms with this loss as his faithful companion devoted 18 years of his life to him. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet at least once in their life knows well what kind of heart and a feeling of emptiness can trigger such a traumatic event.

It is hard to come to terms with the thought that you will never see your beloved animal again, or caress it and feel the warmth filling it with love for your guardian.

Musician Stan Borys has just experienced such a trauma, sharing her with her beloved partner. According to Pomponik, the couple finally decided to say goodbye to the Marquis, accepting a worthy successor into their lives.

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As it turns out, they decided to bring Apollo into the house. Pomponik reports that Apollo is a 12-week-old descendant of the Marquis. The artist did not hide his emotions when he shared this news with the media – Apollo is the result of the reincarnation of Julka and Marquis. He is beautiful, which is why I named him Apollo. Currently, he is crazy about Ania, but she tolerates me too. It grows very fast. Is lovely. All ice is melting under his black eyes. And the most important thing is that he behaves like a man – revealed the touched artist.