Star of TV series “Game of thrones” with his wife presented a new musical

For the premiere, the actor came with his wife Erica Schmidt, who directed the musical. The play tells the story of a man with a big nose — he, considering himself unattractive, agrees to help a friend Woo a woman, which he himself really like. Wife of Jackson adapted the story of the XVII century it was included in songs of the rock band the National.

Звезда сериала «Игра престолов» с женой представили новый мюзикл

Peter admitted that he had always loved this play and liked it even more when she took his wife.

We worked together 24/7, and it’s wonderful to be able to conduct a continuous dialogue on this subject, — said Jackson in an interview.

Recall that Peter and Eric together for about 15 years. Their wedding took place in 2005 — at the dawn of the career of “the great dwarf of Westeros”, a few years before he became world famous. The couple grows two children.