Start of the new vaccination campaign in Saguenay

Start of the new vaccination campaign in Saguenay


The new vaccination campaign is now launched with Quebecers aged 75 and over who can pick up their booster dose. 

Several people showed up Wednesday at the Jonquière vaccination center in Saguenay to get vaccinated.

People aged 75 and over can pick up their 5th dose since August 16. The day after the launch of this campaign, only the clinics in Jonquière and Saint-Félicien were accessible.

According to health authorities, 2,000 people had made an appointment on Tuesday. More than 4,000 Quebecers did so on Wednesday and will therefore be vaccinated in the coming weeks.

Citizens can go to vaccination centres. But beware, this time some pharmacies have decided not to participate.

“One of the reasons is human resources. We participated from the start, but there with resources, we are more limited,” confirmed Éric Tremblay, owner of the Familiprix on rue Audet.

As of August 22, it will be the turn of 60 years and more. Those 18 and over can make an appointment the following week.