State-owned companies do not disclose information about the salaries of the Supervisory Board

State companies and state banks do not announce information about the level of salaries in their Supervisory boards.

Госкомпании не разглашают данные о зарплатах в набсоветах

This is stated in the article Economic truth.

The first reason: information on salaries is confidential information. This reason was indicated in “PrivatBank” and “Ukrgasbank”.

“Information about the financial situation of the person is confidential, as evidenced by the decision of the constitutional Court of Ukraine from 30 October 1997,” said EP in the “Ukrgasbank”.

The second justification — the protection of personal data. These data may not be disclosed without the consent of the persons concerned. In this explanation referred to “Ukrgazbank” and “Sberbank”.

In response to “Ukrgasbank” also was a link to part 2 of article 11 of the law “On information” and part 2 of article 14 of the law “On protection of personal data”, according to which the dissemination of such information is done with the consent of the person and only in cases defined by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights.

Legal nuance is that these laws States that confidential information about physical person includes in particular data on his nationality, education, marital status, religious beliefs, health status, and address, date and place of birth. The income in this list it is not.

In addition, the law on protection of personal data (article 5), information about assets, income, expenses, noted in an e-Declaration, does not apply to information with restricted access.

Are not confidential personal data relating to persons occupying the position associated with perform state functions or local self-government bodies, officials or authority.

In addition, from 1 April 2018 entered into force on anti-corruption requirements for Supervisory Board members of state enterprises.

According to the law “About predotvrascheniya of corruption” that they must declare all income and property received in Ukraine and abroad, including the income and assets of family members.

The third answer was to “in our Supervisory boards salary as in the resolution on the terms of payment and compensation of expenses of members of the Supervisory boards”. The decree establishes the scope of wages, depending on the annual income of the business.

“Ukrposhta” and “Borispol” has indicated the maximum size of the salary, without specifying. Although, as tell the sources of EP in the government, real wages, as a rule, corresponds to the maximum thresholds permitted by law.

In “Ukrenergo”, the administration of Maritime ports and Railways journalistic EP request completely ignored.