State statistics Committee: wage Arrears in Ukraine in may increased by 4.9%

Госстат: Задолженность по зарплате в Украине в мае выросла на 4,9%

The total arrears of wages in Ukraine in may increased by 4.9% and on June 1, 2020 amounted to 3,143 billion, reported the State statistics service (state statistics) on Tuesday.

According to her, in the last month the amount of arrears of wages of economically active enterprises increased by 7.5% and by June 1 of the current year amounted to 1,958 billion.

As a statistical Agency reports, the reduction of arrears of wages in may-2020 recorded in Chernivtsi (30.1%), Lviv (7.9%), Kirovohrad (by 6.7%), Khmelnytskyi (by 5.5%), Sumy (by 4.2%), Ivano-Frankivsk (2.3%) and Chernihiv (0.5%) regions.

The growth of arrears of wages observed in Rivne (38.6%), Volyn (by 23.8%), Luhansk (17.9%), Poltava (13.3%), Donetsk (12.8%), Kherson (by 12.2%), Mykolaiv (by 11.8%), Zhytomyr (8.9%), Zakarpattia (by 7.4%), Odessa (7.1%), Dnipropetrovsk (5.8%), Cherkasy (by 3.8%), Kharkiv (3.2%), Zaporozhye (1.1%), Vinnytsia (by 0.6%), Kyiv (0.5%) regions and Kyiv (1.7%).

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State statistics service clarifies that in terms of sectoral distribution, arrears of wages increased in may in the areas of arts, sports and entertainment (more than 2.5 times, to UAH million 0,779), providing other types of services (14.3%, to 1,145 million UAH), transport, warehousing and courier activities (by 10.5% to 277,893 million UAH), public administration and defense and compulsory social insurance (by 7.8% to 5,657 million), education (7.6% to 17,732 million UAH), health care (7.4%, to UAH 30,174 million), industry (5.1%, up to UAH 2,322 billion), administrative and support services (4.6%, to 16,158 million UAH), temporary accommodation and catering (3.2% to 6,734 million UAH), real estate transactions (0.5% to 60,093 million UAH).

Arrears of wages in may 2020 declined in construction (by 4.1%, up to 50, 610 million), agriculture (1.3 percent, to 48, 822 million UAH) and the field of information and telecommunications (1.3% to 48,822 million UAH).

The official exchange rate on June 30 – 26,6922 UAH./$1