Stated harshly criticized the budget Zelensky-Smagala

The head of the Public movement “Native land” Nikolay Tomenko criticized a draft of the quarantine budget of the Cabinet of Ministers of Denis Smagala, which prepared for the second reading on April 13.

Томенко жестко раскритиковал бюджет Зеленского-Шмыгаля

Appropriate post Tomenko has posted on his page in social network Facebook.

“March 30, 2020, the Verkhovna Rada did not support the quarantine budget from the government of Smugala took to make it to the 2nd reading. 14 days of government headed Zelensky divided main budget of the country and on April 13 he will take or try to take the Parliament”, — wrote the politician.

He stressed that the new draft budget was based on the encouraging statement of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky that all civil servants need to tighten their belts.

“Belt-tightening have all state employees. Since April, regardless of rank and position, their salary does not exceed 47 thousand…Millions in salaries and bonuses gone,” said Zelensky previously.

However, after analyzing the draft budget “tightened belts” Tomenko noted that “benefactors” of the Ukrainian authorities not too and tried to reduce the cost of their own content.

So the cost of operation of the Office of the President of Ukraine decreased from 916,169 mln. to 912,358 mln. that is only 0.42%.

Reducing the cost of the attorney General’s Office made 104,936 thousand UAH. (with 7,544 million and $ 7,565 million), i.e. by 1.3%.

2.3% (from 2.37 billion. to 1,989 billion UAH.) reduced costs of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Tomenko noted that despite the fact that for two months the Parliament doesn’t function, the people’s deputies do not go on business trips, does not conduct reception of citizens and of the conference, a significant cost reduction on the functioning of Parliament is not followed.

“MIA – record in “tightening the belt” from Zelensky: there were 92 billion 443,8 million 966 thousand was 93 billion 161 million 645,2 thousand. Thus, funding increased by 195 210 million, 4 thousand?! And that 17-thousand fines to collect – it’s heavy!”, — noted Mykola Tomenko.

Criticized the policies and the reduction of salaries of officials. It was noted earlier that they should not exceed 47 thousand.

Tomenko stressed that in the conditions of world economic crisis such a decision should be extended at least until the end of the year, however, the Ukrainian government decided that such restrictions on wages will apply from April 2020 until the end of quarantine.

“Read article 29. “To establish that in April 2020 and the end of the month in which the quarantine is cancelled, the salary is charged in the amount not exceeding 10 minimum wages…”. And then note: that is “belt-tightening” by Zelensky will run exclusively in the quarantine months, starting in April and possibly in may – God forbid that longer quarantine is not continued! And we thought that the economic crisis in the world and in Ukraine, Ministers, deputies, heads of any of Naftogaz and UkrPost on these insignificant, as if one Minister of education and science, 47 thousand hryvnia will work at least until the end of 2020?!”, — wrote stated.

The politician also noted that according to the draft budget from the Cabinet of Smugala, which will vote April 13, indicated that 47 thousand hryvnia – this is the maximum size of salaries of civil servants, but it does not address all possible allowance for health promotion, financial assistance on the decision socially-household questions and vacation.

“One word, or they are too clever, or we’re too gullible!”, summed up Tomenko.