Stately with knees let it burn in hell: producer from Russia went through tough Russians over Ukraine

Вставатели с колен пусть горят в аду: продюсер из РФ жестко прошелся по россиянам из-за Украины

Well-known musician and member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Svyatoslav Vakarchuk with the band “Okean Elzy” performed on 20 September in Minsk gathered about 15 thousand spectators. The concert was visited by many fans from Russia, where fundamentally musicians in connection with the aggression of the Kremlin. A powerful and poignant speech, the speech of the chorus, who dedicated one of the songs of the defenders of Ukraine, caused a strong reaction in the network.

Well-known Russian journalist, radio host and producer Mikhail Kozyrev has published on Facebook a video in which emotionally expressed his feelings and admitted that he was very ashamed of what is happening in the Kremlin.

I will never forgive my government at war with Ukraine. I believe that over it, these people will burn in hell. Right here for every death, for every destroyed house, every crippled family,” said Kozyrev.

Concert “Okean Elzy” in Minsk has once again reminded all fans, including Russian, which is the Donbass war.

We felt that the entire room belongs to my country, like some kind of, mad predator, from which we can expect anything. I hope all these “stately from its knees” will burn hell”, said Michael was advised to listen to the speech of the chorus.

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