Statement Smoliy cost the Bank $200 million

Заявление Смолия обошлось Нацбанку в $200 млн


International reserves of the national Bank in one day decreased by $200 million

Double-NBU entered the market with the sale of currency to pay off the excitement at auction, both times sold for $100 million.

National Bank July 2, was forced to sell $200 million on the interbank market from its international reserves. This was reported by the newspaper Finance.

According to him, an intervention had to be to avoid collapse of the hryvnia amid the hype that arose after the statement of the Chairman of the NBU Yakov Smoliy about political pressure on the NBU.

The publication notes that the market is beginning to “shake” from the first minutes of the trading session demand for currency considerably exceeded the offer. Double-NBU entered the market with the sale of foreign currency to repay a stir at the auction.

Both times the Bank sold $100 million of 27.15 at UAH and UAH 27.2 inches. for $1. Also the currency market to reduce the demand had to sell the state-owned Ukrgasbank.

According to him, speaking about the political pressure on the Central Bank, he means recommended by the parliamentary Committee on Finance, tax and customs politikbereich resolution on the assessment of the head of the NBU, lawsuits and decisions, and also submitted to the constitutional court of Ukraine on compliance of the Constitution of the banking law, is necessary for new loans from the IMF.