States where Russian is viewed best: experiences of immigrant

The author of the channel “Travel through” on “Yandex.Zen” shared their own experiences on how States relate well to visitors and immigrants from Russia. Hereinafter in the first person.

Штаты США, где к русским относятся лучше всего: впечатления иммигрантки

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The United States and Russia perceive each other with mistrust, it is a fact. And there are reasons. This is pure politics, but it affects the attitude of the Americans and Russians to each other. It is no secret that Americans think we’re “ignorant (read: stupid) and aggressive.” However, the attitude to the Russian in American society is already changing in the future, hopefully, will disappear for good. Today I will share with you, in any States of the United States to the Russian people are the best.

New York

In this state is the city of new York, which is considered the “gate” in the US, because here arrive almost all international flights. A lot of people who have decided to move to America for her dream to settle in new York. This applies to the Russians: in new York, home to a huge Russian-speaking community. True “indigenous” people of new York are Russian as well as to the rest: rather indifferent. Well, at least with pitchforks and torches don’t run!


Texas is a very rich state, because there is one-third of all U.S. oil and gas reserves. And this is a key factor in the good relationship of local residents to the Russian, because Russia – an oil and gas superpower, whatever you say! Therefore, the Texans are perceived as a Russian “business partners” who are anything but to learn. Some residents, however, believe Russian competitors rather than partners.


And this region has become a real discovery for me! I never would have thought that the local residents are Russian people respectfully and kindly. In Colorado, as in new York, is home to a large Russian community, and the locals are very nice – so the Russians here feel great. But the main reason is not even that. Colorado is almost the most smart, educated and intelligent state of the United States. But the smarter person is, the better he understands that people should not quarrel among themselves.


California is the “brain center” of America, because here the highest concentration of scientists, geniuses, researchers, and business people per square kilometer. It is the scientific-research and business bring to the state’s unprecedented economic rise and attract unimaginable amounts of money. But the funny thing is that a great many “brains” California – Russian-speaking. Now it is clear why we are so in love!

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