Statistics: how many people in the U.S. have a permit to carry weapons

In the United States each state has its own laws regarding whether the lawful carrying of weapons. In some States, open carrying is allowed, and this means that firearms may be used outdoors if the person meets all the requirements of the state. Other States allow the concealed carrying of weapons. This means that a person can carry a legal weapon in your vehicle or on yourself, but it should be hidden from the eye. This writes the World Population Review.

Статистика: сколько людей в США имеют разрешение на ношение оружия

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While most people carry firearms, these laws can be included, and other weapons. In Florida, Mace things that weigh more than 2 oz (59 ml), can carry only person with permission to carry weapons.

All 50 States have laws allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons. In 2018 across the country had issued more than 17 million permits.

In some States, concealed the transfer is in the form of a constitutional transfer. This means that anyone who can legally carry weapons may do so without permission. This is valid in these States:

  • Alaska (only for residents);
  • Arizona;
  • Illinois;
  • Kansas;
  • Man;
  • Mississippi;
  • Mo.;
  • New Hampshire;
  • Vermont (does not issue permits);
  • WV (only for residents);
  • Wyoming.

In other States the license is valid. This means that carrying a gun requires a license. However, one does not need to show “good reason” for carrying weapons. There are 27 States, which produce a vacuum on the carrying of weapons, seven of which are allowed only to residents and 20 residents and nonresidents.

There are States where a permit is required, and local authorities to help determine whether to give it or not. This:

  • CA (only for residents);
  • Connecticut;
  • Delaware (only for residents);
  • Hawaii;
  • Maryland;
  • Massachusetts;
  • New Jersey;
  • New York;
  • Rhode Island.

In some States there are no laws about wearing. This means that most individuals are not allowed to carry weapons. California has such a law operates in 12 districts. In other districts, although these laws technically no, they are in practice. This is valid in these States:

  • Hawaii;
  • Maryland;
  • Massachusetts;
  • New Jersey;
  • New York.

Currently in the United States 18,66 million people have concealed carry permit or license for the weapon. The statistics come from a Report on concealed carrying of weapons in 2019, conducted by the Research centre for crime prevention, writes USA Carry.

On the one hand, this number includes the 16 States that have constitutional status. The number of permits to carry may be lower in some of these States because the people no longer need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. But on the other hand, also has a permit to carry weapons for non-residents. These are just two of the factors that affect the precision of the number 18.66 million

The report noted the growing number of people with permits to carry concealed weapons. It also lists the figures by gender and race.

Now 18,66 million holders of permits may seem quite a big number, this figure is more than 1.4 million compared to 2018. How many people carry guns with them and how often:

  • 30% of American adults say they have a gun (according to the Pew poll);
  • 72% of people say that they have a mini gun or pistol;
  • 11% of owners of guns saying they wear them all the time;
  • 26% say that they wear it most of the time;
  • 57% say that they wear it at least sometimes.

It turns out that:

  • 2.4 percent carry weapons all the time;
  • 5,4% are most of the time;
  • 12.3 per cent are at least occasionally.

Summing up, the total number of permits in the US is not less than 17.25 million And if you add in the number of people who legally carry weapons without a permit, this number is clearly becoming much more.

The probability that anyone of the persons is implicit permission to use the gun is 5.4% in a room with 10 people, the probability that at least one person will be allowed a concealed weapon, is 43%. In a room with 20 people, this probability increases to 67%. 40 the probability increases to 89%.

Thus, it came to the point that there is a very good chance that someone carries a gun wherever the law is allowed to carry a gun.

There is 100% probability that someone with a weapon is allowed to carry it with you wherever you go.

As the popularity of permission to carry concealed weapons, one may wonder which States issued the most permits to carry weapons, according to US Concealed Carry.

States that issue the most permits to carry a concealed weapon:

  • Florida — 1.8 million;
  • Texas — $ 1.4 million;
  • Pennsylvania — 1.3 million;
  • Georgia — $ 1 million;
  • Alabama — 1 million;
  • Indiana — 900 000;
  • Ohio — 687 000;
  • North Carolina — 668 000;
  • Michigan — 660 000;
  • Tn — 641 000.

Does it increase the number of permits to carry concealed weapons in the US?

According to the report of the resource Centre on crime prevention for 2019, the number of permits to carry last year increased by more than 8%.

Interesting demographics

In addition to the increase in the number of permits overall, there are some interesting trends regarding who gets these permissions. Although only in eight States were collected gender data from 2012 to 2019, the number of permits held by women increased by 101% than that of men during this time.

Only three States have at least 10 years of data by race and gender. These data show that minorities get permission more often than white. For example, the number of black women increased by 3.6 times compared to white men. In North Carolina the number of permits issued by the blacks, was growing two times faster than the permits issued in white.



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