Stepanenko told about the system of monetary penalties for Shakhtar

Степаненко рассказал о системе денежных штрафов в "Шахтере"

Taras Stepanenko

30-year-old midfielder of Shakhtar Donetsk and the national team of Ukraine Taras Stepanenko in the program ETUSIVU told about the system of fines in the Donetsk club.

In particular, the holding halfback has told about the minimum and maximum monetary punishment in the club.

“The smallest penalty for minute of delay is $ 20. The largest fine, if you completely missed the training session is 2 thousand dollars. There are fluctuations at these prices”, – said Stepanenko.

“It happens that the team flew to the game, but someone is. And someone is injured and needs to come back for the procedure. If you missed it, you have to pay. Fines for yellow and red cards for misconduct. You, for example, somebody gave a slap or judge stuffed. It’s all paid.

Before we had penalties… we all had special GPS transmitters. The coach recorded who forgot to put on the GPS who did not include who did not fill in the questionnaire… the Brazilians got to good money (laughs). I as an accountant, responsible for the common Fund,” said Stepan.

We will remind, today will be the match of the group stage of the Champions League, “Shakhtar” – “Manchester city”, according to which “Treasury accountant” Stepanenko can be replenished with a regular “contributions”.

In addition, Taras has called, in his opinion, the best players in Dynamo.

“The best Dynamo? Hard question. If you take from a professional point of view, who I like as a player, I would pick Tsygankova and Mikolenko. Victor is an offensive player, creative, fast, with a kick. Mikolenko – speed, physically fit, plays well in defence, tenacious. If working on yourself, he has a great future. At Shakhtar we hardly take (laughs), but somewhere in Europe – he could,” – said Stepanenko.