Stepanov said, what salary is needed to pay health workers

Minister of healthcare Maxim Stepanov said that the minimum salary of doctors should be equal to 25 thousand hryvnia.

Степанов рассказал, какую зарплату необходимо платить медработникам

He said this to journalists TSN.

The Chairman of the Ministry of health said that the salary increase will take place gradually and this year it will be on 50%. However, he noted that the increase will be possible only after changes in the budget of Ukraine and allocation of around 11 billion hryvnia.

According to him, in case of revision of the state budget the salary of doctors may increase on 1 July.

The health Minister also explained what should be the market size of wages of medical workers. He said that the law on state guarantees of physicians provides 250% of the average salary in July 2019.

“If we borrow, then the salary should be not less than 25 thousand hryvnia, if we were back in 2019,” — said Stepanov.

The head of the Ministry of health was outraged, why the salary of a surgeon is 4.5 thousand UAH. and attorney — 25 thousand

“I just don’t understand why a doctor needs to less. What country is this possible?” he said.