Stephen Curry reportedly welcomed Kevin Durant with open arms

Stephen Curry would have welcomed Kevin Durant with open arms


At the Golden State Warriors, the possibility of repatriating Kevin Durant was seriously considered and Stephen Curry would have been delighted to see it all come to fruition. 

After A few weeks of speculation following a trade request, the Brooklyn Nets star player finally found common ground with general manager Sean Marks, but especially head coach Steve Nash during a meeting last month. 'august. It will remain a Net.

In a series of interviews with Rolling Stone magazine, however, Curry indicated that discussions had been held within the team and that he had been consulted about this possibility of carrying out a transaction to obtain his services.

“I never hesitated, launched Curry. With the idea of ​​playing with “KD” and knowing what he is as a person, as well as our history during these three years, I think KD is a very good guy. I think he's misunderstood.”

“If you said, ''KD' is coming back and you're going to play with him”, I would say, 'God, yes!'.”

Obviously, the goal is to win. And the two men have proven that they can do it together. Durant played in California from 2016-2019 and the club made the Finals in his three seasons there.

Durant was the Finals MVP in 2017 and 2018, each time on the way to the title. So, despite his 33 years and injury history, he's definitely an asset to Curry.

“If anyone said you wouldn't have this conversation – no disrespect to person on our team – that person doesn't know how things work.”