Stepsister of Anne Frank – the Holocaust and life in concentration camp

Anne Frank – Jewish girl who wrote a diary that became a symbol of the horrors of the Holocaust, died in a concentration camp in 1945. Her half-sister Eva Schloss survived, but were able to talk about their experiences only after forty years, reports Voice of America.

Сводная сестра Анны Франк - о Холокосте и жизни в концлагере

Screenshot: 90-year-old Eva Schloss, known worldwide lecturer, founder of the Foundation named Anne Frank. Video/Holosericea

His childhood Eva Schloss calls idyllic. Born in Catholic Austria, a country that encouraged Jewish emigration, the girl was very close with his parents and brother. That all changed in 1938, when Hitler marched into Austria.

She remembers how quickly the swastika, the salute “Heil Hitler!” and the persecution of the Jews became the norm.

In 1940 they the whole family managed to move to Amsterdam. There she met and became friends with Anne Frank, a girl whose memories of life during the Holocaust in the Netherlands became world famous.

“She was a great talker in school she was called “Mrs. kVA-kVA”. She wouldn’t stop talking. Both of us were 11 at the time, and she was very interested in the attention the boys” — shares memories of Eva Schloss.

Сводная сестра Анны Франк - о Холокосте и жизни в концлагере

Screenshot: Photos of Anna and her older sister Margot in the house-Museum of Anne Frank in Amsterdam. NTDRussian/YouTube

Soon the Germans occupied the Netherlands. There were restrictions for Jews – a ban on travel by public transport, and the need to wear a yellow six-pointed star on clothing.

In 1942, the family eve began to hide. After two years of wanderings on different houses they passed to the Nazis, sheltered the family of a Danish nurse who was a German agent. They were sent to the camp “Auschwitz”, and there divided. Eva and her mother got into the female part of the camp, his father’s older brother – men.

Сводная сестра Анны Франк - о Холокосте и жизни в концлагере

Screenshot: documentary footage of children who were held in captivity in the death camp Auschwitz. Video/Holosericea

Eve’s mum survived the gas chamber, father, and older brother died. She tells eve that she remained alive only thanks to the Soviet army: “After the Germans left, we in the next ten days were left to themselves. People were dying, froze. One day at the gate we noticed a huge creature in fur and icicles. From a distance we thought it was a bear. It turned out it was a Russian spy”.

After the war, Eva’s mother returned to Amsterdam, where they again met Otto Frank, who lost in the camp the whole family. He was looking for the ability to publish the diaries of her daughter, Anna, and ran into a wall of misunderstanding, because, as Eva says, the people were not ready to hear this terrible story.

Сводная сестра Анны Франк - о Холокосте и жизни в концлагере

Screenshot: the Original diary of Anne Frank is in the house-Museum, where lived the Frank family. Amsterdam. DestinationNL/TouTube

The book was published in 1947, making Anne Frank a symbol of the one and a half million Jewish children, survivors of the Holocaust. Years later, mother eve married Otto Frank. And eve thus became the half-sister of the deceased Anna, only forty years later could she start to talk about their experiences, she kept seeing all these years in his dreams.

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