Steward injured player “Dynamo” in the match of qualify Euro 2020, chasing ran into the box with a fan (video)

Стюард травмировал игрока "Динамо" в матче квалифая Евро-2020, погнавшись за выбежавшим на поле фаном (видео)


In the framework of the 9th round of the group stage Euro 2020 national team of Poland, had already ensured his participation in the final stage of the tournament, decided not to rest on our laurels and beat out Israel with the score 2:1.

At the last meeting there was an unusual “insurance” case.

In the stoppage time on the field ran fan. The stewards chased the offender, and one of the guards did not see on its way Tomas the KENDZERA and knocked him down.

After the collision, the player of “Dynamo” was not able to continue the fight without the help of medical service.

Tomas still play remaining before the final whistle and a serious injury he apparently escaped.