Still moved by We're going to love each other again

Always moved by We're going to love each other again


Vincent Vallières says he always feels the same happiness when he sings his big hit We're going to love each other again, a dozen years after the release of this song which has expanded its audience. “I'm still moved to sing it,” he says.

Some artists get tired of singing a hit. Not him. Even that, this summer, he adds a touch of emotion by having a thought for the Ukrainian people when he performs it in concert.

“I still love it. I don't feel the public's affection for this song is waning. She has a life that has been hers for a long time. Recently, she starred in a landmark episode of District 31, during the show's final week, and it once again propelled her to number 1 on iTunes. » 

Vincent Vallières is in concert at the Parc de la Francophonie tonight at 8 p.m.