Still no water in waiting areas

Still no water in waiting areas


Festival d'été de Québec management may add water refill stations in waiting areas outside show sites, but perhaps not in 2022.

In the era of eco-responsibility, there are very few options for refilling your water bottle and some have complained of a difficult situation last Friday and Saturday night due to the heat.

Festival-goers demanded refueling points and mobile stations.

“It was falling like flies,” spectators told the Journal present on Saturday for the Maroon 5 show.

In 2023

According to Samantha McKinley, Vice President of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs, off-site installation can't be done in a snap.

“For outdoor water fountains, for now it remains as is. Certainly it's an idea that we will keep for next year, “she said.

Shortly after, the latter added that the reflection was a little more advanced on this same question.

“It is not impossible. If we are able to do it, we will do it, ”she said, in particular in anticipation of the hot and humid evening scheduled for Saturday for the popular Rage Against The Machine show. The event ends on Sunday.

The absence of charging stations outside the sites is not a new reality and the FEQ wanted to remind you of the important advice for waiting long hours at the sun.

After two years apart, the younger ones who are less used to it may be more likely to suffer from dehydration according to them.

For safety

« On the sites, there are fountains. People can go fill up their water bottles. Outside, people usually crawl water in abundance. Once they cross, they must drain their liquid and refill on the other side. It's really for safety,” added Ms. McKinley.

Like everywhere else, the FEQ wishes to avoid, in particular, mixtures of strong alcohol and the presence of GHB.

As for watering festival-goers, the FEQ prefers to distribute free bottles of water when the need arises.

“People don't like being watered against their will,” said concluded the spokesperson.

Disinfectant gel

The festival management has also indicated that it will pay particular attention to the presence of disinfectant gel for hands in many places like bars and with mobile vendors.