Stop whining: how complaints of other people ruin our brain

You can’t stand it when people complain? Such a reaction is justified. The study, conducted by the British scientist and entrepreneur Trevor Blake, showed that the constant listening to negative judgments of other people affects how our minds work.

Хватит ныть: как жалобы других людей разрушают наш мозг

The expert explains that the brain resembles a muscle. Positive activity “pumps”, and the negative – TERS. If within 30 minutes listening to another person (including through media), then the hippocampus of the brain is confused: he loses some of the neurons responsible for decision-making. Under the scientist whining implies a complaint on the lives of people who do not even try to find a way out of the situation.

If you regularly listen to the complaints of others, this can cause you will soon start to behave the same way. To protect the brain from someone else’s negativity, the specialist recommends that you follow these guidelines.

1. Keep your distance. Chronic whiners are very similar to heavy smokers who expose us to passive Smoking. The best solution in this case is to avoid the company of such a person and don’t let him bully you into dissatisfaction with life.

2. Ask about the decision. If you take refuge lamentati a stranger does not work, ask him a simple question: “How do you intend to solve this problem?” In most cases, a whiner, stop complaining, because he’s not even focused on finding a solution.

3. Create an imaginary defense. If none of the previous options help, try the psychological methods of self-defense. For example, during a whining companion imagine that he was on a desert island. Smile and nod in the right place and imagine how you walk on the deserted beach.