Store in Toronto was fined $35K for the importation of fish from Malaysia (PHOTOS)

Магазин в Торонто был оштрафован на $35K за ввоз рыбы из Малайзии (ФОТО)

The leadership of one of the pet stores Toronto was fined $ 35,000, agreeing with the prosecution in the illegal import under special monitoring of live fish from Malaysia.

The Ministry of the environment of Canada said that as of 7 December 2018 at the store Magical Aquarium Club did not have permission to import when they are imported into the country 26 living species of Malaysian scleropages.

The representative of the Ministry said that against this kind of apply some of the most serious limitations in accordance with the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora under threat of extinction.

Malaysian scleropages inhabits the rivers of the marshy forests and wetlands of South-East Asia and also is grown in some countries.

The representative of the Ministry of the environment of Canada also said that the fish there is a demand in connection with the desire of some nature lovers to keep them home, and it is also believed in some cultures is considered lucky.

The Ministry confirmed that the court ruled that the fish will be confiscated by the state.