Storm Arthur brought record rains and strong winds to Southeast U.S.: what to prepare residents

Tropical storm Arthur has formed in the evening of 16 may, off the coast of Florida, making it the first named storm in the Atlantic hurricane season 2020. About the actual meteorological situation, according to Monday, may 18, says AccuWeather.

Шторм Артур принес рекордные дожди и сильный ветер на юго-восток США: к чему готовиться жителям

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Although the official start of hurricane season — June 1, tropical storm Arthur made the 2020’s sixth year, when storm systems develop over the Atlantic before this date.

On the morning of Monday, may 18, the storm Arthur has developed a steady wind with a speed of 45 mph (72,4 km/h) and was located about 50 miles (80 km) southwest of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It is projected that the storm will pass very close to the island of the Outer banks in North Carolina until the end of the day may 18 or later, with rain and gusty winds.The wind is likely to displace some of the water on the shore, which will lead to erosion of beaches and small coastal floods.

The rain began in Eastern North Carolina in the late evening on may 17 and promises to last all day on may 18, with the heavy rain fell on the Outer banks. In the region promise to flooding and intense precipitation.

“Hazardous conditions and gusty winds will spread North to the upper mid-Atlantic coast on 18 and 19 may, as the storm drifts to the East and possibly making the stop over the open water,” says AccuWeather meteorologist Renee Duff.

Шторм Артур принес рекордные дожди и сильный ветер на юго-восток США: к чему готовиться жителям

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It is expected that by mid-week, heavy rains pass through the Great lakes, the Ohio valley and the southern Appalachians.

The inhabitants of South Florida faced the consequences of the storm even before he got the name. A number of warnings about flash floods has been issued along the Southeast coast of Florida, and on Friday evening, may 15, in the region there were heavy showers and thunderstorms, flooding streets in Miami.

Last Thursday, may 14, was the second wettest may day in the history of the city of marathon, Florida. There was heavy rain with rainfall of 5.76 inches (14,6 cm), very slightly down from the may record of 6.60 inches (16.7 cm), established on may 27, 1959. In total, the region fell 6.45 in (16.3 cm) of rainfall from may 14-15, despite the fact that the normal rainfall for the entire month of may is 3.35 inches (8.5 cm).

The Atlantic hurricane season 2020, followed by 4 years in a row, during which in the United States have registered at least two hurricanes a year in 2019, it was hurricane Barry and Dorian. It is the longest runway at intervals of hurricanes from 1947 to 50 years. Only twice since 1851, this band has reached at least 5 years (1932-36 and 1876-82).

According to the first half of the day may 18, most meteorologists predict that the storm Arthur picks up speed, heading to North Carolina, skirted the coast until the end of the day and in the evening will return to the East in the ocean, writes CNN.

Шторм Артур принес рекордные дожди и сильный ветер на юго-восток США: к чему готовиться жителям

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The forecasts said that the storm winds will extend to a distance of 125 miles (200 km) from the city center, “mainly over water East of the center.”

Some bands of rain and gusty winds Arthur will reach the coast of Virginia — and we cannot exclude a localized flash flood in the South-Eastern coastal areas of the state, adds

It is expected that on Tuesday, 19 may, Arthur will lose the status of a tropical storm, said the weather service.

“All our coastal areas should be aware and cautious, because Arthur will be held on our shores on Monday, may 18, the Governor said Roy Cooper in a press release, published yesterday. — Pay close attention to the forecast and play it safe in dangerous surf”.

The Governor also added that in the course of the day may 18, possible scattered power outages.

“This storm early in the season reminds us that we should always be ready for severe weather,” said Director of emergency situations of North Carolina Mike Sprayberry.

Шторм Артур принес рекордные дожди и сильный ветер на юго-восток США: к чему готовиться жителям

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Powerful surf, dangerous currents and severe sea conditions seen in the region Sunday, may 17, will continue throughout the day on Monday, may 18, along the coast.

May 17 in Florida of dangerous rip currents led to that in the district of Volusi of water had to rescue 70 people, the report said the local Department of security beaches. Three people — aged 16, 17 and 24 years old — were taken to local hospitals for reasons of precaution.

Red and purple flags were raised on the beaches on may 17 to indicate dangerous conditions for surfing, swimming and sailing.

According to representatives of the security Department, people were saved on the beaches from Ormond beach to new Smyrna beach.

“Perhaps the storm in the Atlantic affect surf conditions, — said the representative of the Department. But this time of year there are often rip currents and dangerous conditions on the water.”


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