Storms and tornadoes: Southeast USA has faced with bad weather

In Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma as a result of severe storms with tornado destroyed homes and caused severe damage States, writes Fox News.

Штормы и торнадо: юго-восток США столкнулся с непогодой

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The national forecasting centre of the storms said that more than 18 million people in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma were subjected to an increased risk of storms on Friday, 10 January, including strong tornadoes, floods and wind, which speed in places exceeding 80 mph (129 km/h) is an indicator of a category 1 hurricane. A high risk area covered several major cities of Texas including Dallas, Houston and Austin.

Storms also caused heavy rains, after which followed the flood. Dallas police reported that one person was killed when at around 7 PM the car entered the Creek to the West of downtown Dallas.

Штормы и торнадо: юго-восток США столкнулся с непогодой

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In the afternoon of Friday, January 10, a tornado destroyed two houses near Fair Play, Missouri, about 35 miles (56 kilometers) to the Northwest of Springfield. The highway patrol of Missouri said that no one was hurt.

Around 15:00 a tornado ripped shingles from the roof near Tahlequah, Oklahoma, about 60 miles (96 km) to the Southeast of Tulsa. There also did not show any injuries.

According to the coordinator of County emergency Logan Toby Miller, at least three houses were destroyed by a tornado in Arkansas, but no one was hurt. According to him, met often fallen on power lines and trees.

In anticipation of the storms, the emergency Management Dallas has addressed to inhabitants with the request to take back the house Pets, outdoor furniture, grills and “everything else that might catch a strong wind, to reduce the risk of falling debris.”

“Say, trampoline is really easy to lift into the air during strong winds. Everything that can fly outside is dangerous, ‘ said Matt Hemingway meteorologist from the National weather service in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The forecasting centre has warned of storms: strong winds are key problems in the area of greatest risk. These are the areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. The experts met in the Northern part of Louisiana stated that such a terrible forecast for the area they have to do on average two to four times a year.

“We obviously would face a very strong tornado. Perhaps those that remain on earth for some time and not only short with the promotion,” said Hemingway.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said boats, helicopters, medical and rescue teams were transferred to the standby mode in case of emergency.

“I ask all Texans to support those living in the path of the storm, and all those who first responded to this in your prayers during the aftermath of this storm,” — said the statement Abbott.

According to forecasters, the storm will pose a threat for Alabama and Georgia, because Saturday the system will be moving East.

The Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey said Friday, January 10, the state is preparing for the upcoming storm.

“At the state level, we continue to closely monitor this storm system will perform all the necessary preparations,” said Ivey in a statement.

“I urge all residents of Alabama to do the same: to monitor the weather and take into account all local warnings,” he added.

On the Alabama coast of the Gulf, in the County of Baldwin, cancelled school activities, including athletic events, scheduled for Saturday, January 11. The meteorological service warned of floods and possible wave height of 10 feet (3M) on the beaches.

Heavy rains can also cause floods in the South and parts of the Midwest.

According to forecasters, many reservoirs are on the brink of flooding because of the previous storms, and heavy rains may aggravate the situation with floods in the region.