Story, decent movie: kidnapped baby found after 55 years

In the us state of Michigan found the kidnapped son of Dora Fronsac victim of a sensational crime that occurred 55 years ago. The boy’s parents raised another man’s son, whom once the police “returned” to them as their own. Many years later, he got to the truth, and recently it became known that the police found this child Prosekov.

История, достойная экранизации: похищенного младенца нашли спустя 55 лет

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In April 1964, with Dora Fronsac from the city of Chicago, Illinois, a son, says “”. The next day in her hospital room looked a woman dressed in white, like a nurse. She announced that she must take the child to the doctor, took the newborn and left. Never saw her again.

In search of the kidnapped baby was attended by the police, the FBI and even the postmen. Two years later in new Jersey found an abandoned boy similar to the son of Dora Fronsac. It was identified by the form of the ears and back of the alleged mother. Wife Franzak went with him to Chicago and officially adopted him.

They were loving parents, maybe a little too caring, which was understandable. Sometimes this led to clashes. The floor was given to Catholic school, where strict rules, and he loved rock music and grew their hair.

Once when they were arguing about the length of his hair, Dora said, “How I wish that they never found!”. Paul couldn’t forget. “Even today, when I think about it, I feel very sad,” he admits.

История, достойная экранизации: похищенного младенца нашли спустя 55 лет

Photo frame YouTube/ABC News

After graduating from school, Paul moved away from my parents in Arizona and became a bass player in a local rock band. Five years later, when the group disbanded, he returned to Chicago, wandered around and left after a year in the army. After demobilization, he traveled the country, worked as a salesman, a male model and even an actor and eventually settled in Las Vegas.

In 2008, the Floor a second time married, and soon he and his wife Michelle, who worked as a teacher, have to wait for the birth of her daughter. Paul was in seventh heaven.

However, when the midwife started to ask questions about family history, Paul suddenly realized that he didn’t know what to say, because from the moment when he learned about the kidnapping, he wondered whether his parents are his real parents?

“Whether I am I”

Now he persistently pursued the question: is it really the most stolen child?

“I wanted to do a DNA test and compare it with my parents, — says Paul. Not because I was unhappy, I just wanted to know the truth. But I always found some excuse. I didn’t want to offend them. But then came the moment when I just had to figure it out”.

And when he once came to visit from Chicago by his parents, Paul got up the courage and spoke about it before their departure.

“You ever thought about the question, am I really your son?”, — he asked them. Taken by surprise, the parents admitted that Yes, I have. “You want to know the truth?”, asked their Gender.

After a few minutes, each of them took a swab themselves from his mouth, and they sealed the samples in vials. Then Paul drove my parents to the airport. However, several hours later when their plane has landed in Chicago, Dora and Chester changed his mind. They called the Floor and asked him not to send the tubes: he, the son, and be done with it.

In the end, he sent a swab to the lab.

In 2014 Paul was at work when he called to report the test results. He answered a number of questions, and then he was told that no, no matter how remote the probability that it is Paul Transcom, the biological son of Dora and Chester.

The floor had more luck with the search for their biological parents. Paul learned that he was born Jack Rosenthal, and that he really was six months older than you thought, because he was born on 27 October 1963. But that was not all: he had a twin sister Jill. But she too, like him, disappeared.

The Real Paul Fronsac

A few months ago, agents were able to find the real son Fronsac. As it turned out, the man lives under a different name in a small town in Michigan. He’s 55 years old, he has cancer. Because the investigation has not been completed, information about the identity and motives of the kidnapper yet.