Strategic bomber B-52 U.S. air force had a training bombing of the Crimea (PHOTO)

Стратегический бомбардировщик B-52 ВВС США провел тренировочную бомбардировку Крыма (ФОТО)

A couple of strategic bombers B-52H Stratofortress of the U.S. air force made a training flight over the Black sea in the framework of the “integration and preparation for cooperation with European allies and partners.” About it reported in a press release of the command by the U.S. armed forces in Europe.

The flight of bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, lasted 12 hours and was reported on the website of the press service of the Command of the U.S. air force in Europe, during a joint military exercise with Romania, Ukraine and Georgia.

“The aircraft B-52 from the 2nd bomb wing, flying to the United States in Parforce (UK), recently returned from a flight in the black sea region, which was focused on learning integration and cooperation with European allies and partners”, – stated in the message.

According to the monitoring of the resource PlaneRadar, the flight took place on 19 October, with one of the B-52 approached Crimea and simulated bombing, marks RIA “news”.

Soldiers from the 2nd bomb wing based at Barksdale air force base, Louisiana, are conducting a drill in conjunction with European allies. These exercises are aimed at improving global stability and security.

On 10 October, the US deployed at the forward base Fairford in the UK aviation group consisting of four strategic bombers B-52H. In this case, after a transatlantic flight, three of the bomber B-52H initially carried out a demonstrative approach to the borders of the Kaliningrad region, and then landed in England.

During his stay in Britain, the American bombers have already made a series of training flights, in particular, fulfilled attacks on educational targets in several European polygons of countries-members of NATO.

Aircraft B-52H Stratofortress was airlifted to Britain from the air base Barksdale in the American state of Louisiana, where the 2nd bomber wing of the U.S. air force. Thus a press-the release Command of the U.S. air force in Europe, reporting on the movement of the B-52H in England, was published under the title: “note To opponents, the bombers are back and ready for action.”

In March of this year, the U.S. air force also deployed for a short time in the UK six strategic bombers B-52H. They, in particular, performed a series of training flights close to the borders of Russia in the region of the Baltic sea, fulfilling the air strikes, reports “Interfax”.

After simulating the bombing of the Baltic fleet base and fly bombers in Kaliningrad region the Russian military several times raised in the air fighters. The Kremlin then said that the appearance of American bombers near the Russian borders creates additional tensions.

The European command of the United States consists of approximately 70 thousand military and civilian personnel. Its scope covers the whole of Europe, parts of Asia and the Middle East, Arctic and Atlantic oceans. The U.S. command responsible for the defense of the US operation and relations with NATO and 51 country.

Boeing B-52H Stratofortress were produced in the period from 1952 to 1962 and was created as a strategic bomber capable of delivering two nuclear bombs of great power to any point of the USSR. Today it remains a major aircraft long-range bomber aircraft of the U.S. air force.