Strayed a laptop: in California, a girl was attacked by a bear, she managed to escape

The girl from California hit a bear with a laptop when the bear attacked her yet. At this time she slept peacefully in the back yard. This writes Fox News.

Отбилась ноутбуком: в Калифорнии на девушку напал медведь, ей удалось сбежать

Photo: Shutterstock

19-year-old girl living in the mountains of San Gabriel, was asleep in his back yard. It is reported that a black bear rubbed against her arms and legs, and then bite. “The only thing she could do is to grab your laptop and start to beat the bear,’ said the captain service of protection of nature Patrick Foy. — She managed to escape, and she ran inside the house.”

Wounds from the bites were not life-threatening, and now she’s on the mend.

Investigators have collected DNA swabs from the victim’s wounds for analysis in a forensic laboratory. Authorities the next day caught two bears in the vicinity, but none of them fit the description.

According to Foya, is that the bear is not found, but he will be put to death, if it happens again.