Strong wind and heavy snow: North-East USA moving powerful storm

American meteorologists are closely watching two storms that could potentially connect and lead to a big snow storm in the North-Eastern part of the United States at the end of the week. But there is another scenario: snow once again may around coastal areas, and without that not too snowy last winter, writes Yahoo.

Сильный ветер и обильный снегопад: на северо-восток США движется мощный шторм

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In two cities — Baltimore, Maryland, and Islip, state of new York, for the first time all February there was no snow. At the end of the month a small snow precipitation was in other cities of the region — for example, in Philadelphia, but the season the number was still very low, around 2% of the norm. Washington, D.C., during the winter he received only 4% of the seasonal norm snow.

Сильный ветер и обильный снегопад: на северо-восток США движется мощный шторм


Regardless of the scenario, meteorologists, weather service AccuWeather expected a sharp drop in temperature, which will lead to a sudden return of winter cold.

Two storm located over the North Pacific and over southern California as of Monday, March 2, by the end of the week will converge on the North-Western part of the Atlantic ocean.

How quickly and how close to the U.S. coast will merge to form one powerful storms, will depend on how far North-Eastern U.S. and Southeast Canada will spread heavy snow and strong winds.

The first scenario is that these two storms will merge, but do it too late and too far from the North-East coast, and therefore will not be able to produce a significant snowfall. Even in this scenario, light snowfall still pass through part of the North-Eastern States as it moves to the East a weak storm.

It is expected that Pacific storm hits the Great lakes region on Thursday, March 5, and then North-East on Friday, March 6.

“Regardless of how merge two storms, one of them during your movement will give rains with wet snow,” said AccuWeather chief meteorologist Bernie Rhino.

Upper Midwest to the Central Appalachians and northeast will face with a snow shower, which can lead to the accumulation of sufficient rainfall for slippery roads and hazardous travel, especially where the snow will go from late night to early morning.

Storm flow will bring a portion of cold air that will put an end to hint at spring, which is North-East felt in early March. When the cold air will penetrate into the region, winds will increase.


The temperature drops 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit from 5 to 6 March. Cold air and gusty winds coming to the region regardless of turn two storms into one.

“Currently, the most likely scenario is the demolition of the snow flows from the Great lakes in the direction of the corridor of Interstate 95 in the northeast March 7 and March 8,” said Rhino.

“A steady snow may pass over Cape Code, Massachusetts and on the part of coastal Maine”, he added.

In the second scenario, the storms can quickly unite near the coast, which can lead to the deterioration of weather conditions in the North-East of the country with strong winds, flooding of coastal areas and serious disruptions of traffic on the roads.

In this case, heavy rainfall and maybe even snow storms can pass in the Western part of the region in the corridor I-95 from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia, new York and Boston, where while holding a snow “drought”.

One of the key components of scenario a big storm off the coast was missing all winter: area of constant high pressure at most levels of the atmosphere near Greenland. When this phenomenon is present, it contributes to the explosive intensification of storms near the North-Eastern coast of the United States. But when no storms are likely to worsen, but tend to move very quickly and may not have time to bring some snow into the corridor of I-95.

Even if this specific scenario in the end of the week will not lead to a large storm, such opportunities will occur in March once or twice.



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