Strongest in 94 years: in North Carolina an earthquake

On Sunday morning, August 9, on the border of North Carolina and Virginia earthquake. According to the preliminary report from the U.S. Geological survey, earthquake by force 5,1 points has occurred approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) from the city of Sparta (NC). This writes CNN.

Сильнейшее за 94 года: в Северной Каролине произошло мощное землетрясение

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According to the Geological service of North Carolina, it is the strongest earthquake in the state since 1926.

The earthquake, whose epicenter is in the County of Allegany, was felt even in Washington (district of Columbia) and Atlanta. Residents felt the tremors for about 08:07 et.

Allegany County Sheriff Brian Maynes was preparing to go to Church, when “all things have started to fall, he said. The house, though, has shifted, and it seemed that it might fall.”

“Started damaging the roof. My chimney began to crack, he said. – Several houses damaged structure. There are homes that moved down to 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) from the Foundation. There are people who had to leave their homes because it was unsafe. That’s a pretty big event.”

According to the mayor of Sparta Wes Brinegar, reports of injuries have been reported, but in a city with a population of about 1,800 people have damage to buildings. The mayor also said that the Foundation of his house cracked.

“There was a feeling that drives by a big locomotive, and under the bed there is a big wave, – said the mayor. – I’ve lived here all my life and never felt anything like that.”

The USGS reports that the earthquake may carry destruction, if their strength reaches from 4.0 to 5.0 points. According to the U.S. Geological survey, an earthquake of 5.3 magnitude is considered moderate.

The Department announced a “green” alert, which means a low likelihood of casualties and damage.

Councilman Cole Edwards, too, was awakened by the earthquake. According to him, his house was not harmed, but he broke a few plates and the walls fell a few photos.

The earthquake occurred at a depth of about 5.7 miles (9,17 km), which is considered a shallow earthquake. According to the USGS, earthquakes that occur at depths of up to 43 miles (69 km) is usually more devastating than deeper.

This is the strongest earthquake in North Carolina after July 8, 1926 in Mitchell County, approximately 50 miles (80 km) North-East of Asheville, there was a severe earthquake by force 5,2 points, according to the Geological service of North Carolina.

Sparta is located about 100 miles (160 km) North of Charlotte. Rescue service of Charlotte, wrote on Twitter that reports of injuries were reported.

“Good morning, Charlotte, we’re sure most of you do not sleep, because Yes, it was the earthquake that you felt. No reports of damage or injuries were reported,” wrote service.

Deputy Sheriff Maynes ensures that “everything was done quickly”.

“In connection with the ongoing pandemic of people have had increased anxiety. One of the most important tasks for law enforcement right now is to calm the situation so that people were not afraid, – he said. We live in a small mountain settlement. We must care for each other.”

District of Sparta is located between three seismic zones: Charleston (SC), East Tennessee and Central Virginia. Saturday, August 8, and early Sunday morning, August 9, near Sparta proyzoshlo several small earthquakes 2.6 points and below. According to the USGS, over the weekend a few miles from Seymour (tn), there have been two earthquakes.

Map of the USGS shows that the Agency received the notification from people who felt the earthquake across the East coast. Tremors were felt more than 300 miles at Atlanta and in the nation’s capital.

“I felt my bed lightly shaking, I knew it was an earthquake, but it was invisible, so I decided that the source is far away,” – wrote on his page in Facebook Limaye Tembin of Rockville (MD).



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