Stuck in China due to a virus American said about the situation at the epicenter of the epidemic

The coronavirus, which in China has already killed more than 130 people, has become an obstacle to many foreigners on the way home. People can not leave the country or are forced to leave their home in China for the safety of children. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

Застрявшая в Китае из-за вируса американка рассказала о ситуации в эпицентре эпидемии

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Nasi Shue, a citizen of the United States in Wuhan, can not leave China, although making this all possible.

“Here in the city, people are afraid, because almost nothing moves. No buses, subways not running, no trains, even taxis, — the girl speaks. And I think that the use of private cars is limited, the streets are almost empty. We went out several times and saw maybe 10 people.”

“And all wear masks, of course, it’s like a Ghost town. Some stores opened, my mom went, said that there are a lot of people. And it’s very frightening, because under these conditions the virus spreads more,” adds Shue.

“Where once the cashier was 3-4, now 20-30. Many of the products sold or imported, the prices some products too high. The town is completely surrounded, patrols are everywhere. You can’t leave the city, and, of course, no planes, ferries, trains” — talks about the situation in the Hooting of an American.

“I saw the news about the evacuation of the Consulate employees and immediately called the Embassy in Beijing, but I was transferred to a line where it is reported that the news of the evacuation of the aircraft — not true. And offered to write them an email, says Nasi. — I wrote and the next day I was told from the Embassy that the plane is scheduled for January 28, and if I want to get on it I have to provide all the information about yourself.”

“I gave, I called, wrote, but I was told that I should wait. I don’t understand why, if they’re evacuating Americans, they organized only 1 plane, and other people decided to leave here, to share the girl. — I wrote to the office of my Senator and they told me that will contact with the State Department and try to make organized another plane.”

The girl does not know what to do, but still not despair.

“Now I have no options, I don’t know what to do. Wait, probably until the Department of state will send another aircraft or the airports will open,” says the American.

Foreigners in Hubei

Wife Siddle Cindy is Chinese, and the whole family went to Hubei province to celebrate Chinese New year with relatives. In this region, more than 3.5 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, writes the BBC.

There is the city of Wuhan, which has become the epicenter of the disease.

In Hubei province live, work and study tens of thousands of foreigners. Many countries have announced plans to evacuate them. In particular, the US and Japan have already taken to the air transport hundreds of their citizens.

Jeff and Cindy Siddle daughter had to fly home on 1 February, but their flight from Wuhan was canceled. The Chinese government decided to stop all traffic with the city to stop the spread of the virus.

UK sends plane for their citizens in the coming days, but Siddham given to understand in the British Consulate that Cindy to fly it can’t. The fact that she has a residence permit in the UK since 2008, but is not a citizen of the country.

“In the foreign office I was told only to evacuate British citizens, because the Chinese authorities do not allow their citizens to leave the country, explained Jeff Siddle. — I had to choose: either we are with 9 year old daughter who has a British passport, fly or all three of us remain.”

China does not recognize dual citizenship

“The daughter couldn’t stop crying”

Jeff and Cindy finally decides to leave, what was given to them is very difficult.

“It’s a terrible decision, says Jeff. — Our nine-year-old parted with her mother, and who knows how long. My daughter, of course, couldn’t stop crying. She can’t stop crying”.

The British Consulate also said Siddle that to get to the isolated Wuhan he needs independently.

“To go three hours by car, but the roads are blocked. Just not pass, he said. — We called the Chinese authorities, and they said that the British side need a special diplomatic document to take us to. But the foreign office said they were unable to give such a document”.

The foreign office in response to the request of the journalists said that he discussed the position of Sidlow with the Chinese authorities.

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