Stuck on the Scarborough Bluffs soon, you may have to pay for the rescue (PHOTO)

Застрявшим на Scarborough Bluffs скоро, возможно, придется платить за спасение (ФОТО)

Despite the many signs, warning tape, and the risk of a large fine of $ 5,000, the residents of Toronto never cease to make forays into the Scarborough Bluffs (well, Yes, the Instagram photos taken there look good).

Advisor Paul Ainslie Ward (Paul Ainslie), representing the 24th district, that is, Scarborough-Guildwood, has introduced a proposal to impose more stringent sanctions against such offenders at the meeting of the Committee on economic and community development Toronto this Wednesday; the suggestion is that the brave conquerors of the vertices will have to pay for their salvation, if this top will overshadow that down alone will not work.

Advisor Ainslie said that his main concern is not only public safety, but also the amount of special equipment necessary for salvation, but it is on average eight fire trucks.

“Firefighters say that every minute spent not on calls 911 with a message about stroke or heart attack, for someone can mean the difference between life and death,” he said.

“We need a more sophisticated system, to make people understand that they not only obeyed the law, but what are the consequences of their disobedience to the law society.”

Toronto mayor John Tory reminded that earlier this year proposed the idea of billing people for payment for the resources involved in emergency services, specifically in may when firefighters had to rescue two adventurers who decided that they will find them on the Bluffs.

The city of Toronto has launched in June a campaign with the hashtag #dontgetstuckonthebluffs by posting on Twitter a number of statistics about rescue operations on the Bluffs, for example, information that in 2018, there were 16 rescue episodes, which took 382 hours and which involved a total of 123 fire trucks and 25 ambulances.

So if you ever notice a desire to go over the fence, spit on all prohibitory signs, climb the cliffs, to picturesque to be on the top of the Bluffs, for the sake of myself and everyone else, don’t do this… please!