Stuck winning numbers: two residents of Mississippi attempted to obtain $100 thousand of forged tickets

Two men from Mississippi were trying to cash a lottery ticket for $ 100,000 with him the winning numbers, reports Yahoo News.

Приклеили выигрышные номера: два жителя Миссисипи попытались получить $100 тысяч по поддельным билетам

Photo: Depositphotos

Two men from Mississippi allegedly used superglue to attach the winning number to the lottery ticket and try to cash it in, receiving $ 100,000.

The police Department of the city of Flowood told CNN that the men had signed the ticket and submitted it to the lottery Corporation of Mississippi, but the representatives of the lottery realized that it was a fake and called the authorities.

Local media published pictures of fake ticket, on which was glued a subtle stripe with a “winning numbers” placed in the center. The ticket looked like a real one.

47-year-old ODIs Latham and 48-year-old Russell sparks was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit serious crimes and falsification tool for receiving funds in the amount of more than $ 1,000. The Latham was also charged with false identification.

Media reported that both men had to appear before the court on 7 January, but data about the decision yet.