Student from China was accused for falsification of his abduction (PHOTO)

Студента из Китая обвинили за фальсификацию своего похищения  (ФОТО)

This week 16-year-old student from China, currently residing in Canada, charged with anti-social actions due to the fact that he faked his own kidnapping in order to get their parents ‘ $ 1 million (and to attract their attention, which he apparently also did not have).

Regional York police reported that a young man, whose name cannot be named, taking into account its age, recently arrived in Canada, but at the end of last month, information appeared that he had been kidnapped.

The police went to the address of his residence in the area of Leslie Street and Highway 407 at around midnight on 27 September, where they were given a video of a 16 year old teenager “bound and gagged mouth and blindfold”.

Police reported that the video was sent to parents of a student in China through social networks with text message demanding $1 million for his release.

About half an hour later the teenager was found unharmed in one of the restaurants in Richmond hill.

“Further investigation revealed that the student faked his kidnapping in an attempt to attract the attention of their parents, forcing them to pay – say in the regional police York. – He was placed under arrest and was charged with”.

The young man must appear before the court on October 31. Meanwhile, regional York police reminds citizens that reports of abduction are considered very seriously.

“In this investigation were involved in significant police and investigative resources,” – said in a release police York.

“A dramatization of the incident, which leads to the use of police resources when this incident was not a criminal offence. In addition, without the need drains important police resources that are needed to solve real-world emergencies.”