Students hope that the court’s decision will help to restore funding to their organizations (PHOTOS)

Студенты надеются, что решение суда поможет восстановить финансирование их организаций  (ФОТО)

The student group that won a lawsuit against the provincial government, said that they hope that the funding of campus organizations will resume as soon as possible.

The decision of the District court on Thursday quashed the Directive, according to which students are given the right to choose whether to make certain contributions in the definition of what is incompatible with the autonomy of the institution.

The government stated that the aim of the initiative was to give students more control over how they spend their money.

But the canadian Federation of students called it an attempt to silence the voices who are calling the government to account, such as student unions and the media on campus.

Kyle Weiler, the Federation’s representative in Ontario, says she’s not sure whether it is possible to recover the schedule of contributions and funding of these groups in full next semester or next year.

Press Secretary of the Minister of justice announced that the government would study the court’s decision.