Study: blood type may affect risk of complications COVID-19

A group of scientists, conducting a genetic analysis of patients with coronavirus, found that blood type can affect the progression of the disease COVID-19. This writes Fox News.

Исследование: группа крови может повлиять на риск развития осложнений COVID-19

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The study, published in the Medical journal New England, compared the genes of thousands of European patients. The results showed that people with blood type A (the second group) often have medium severe disease COVID-19. And people with blood type O (the first group), the development of severe symptoms of the disease are less likely than average among all patients.

The study was conducted after a similar study from China, published in March, showed that people with blood type O (I) can be more resistant to SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 — while people with blood type A (II) may be at risk.

“Most of us discounted it because it was a very rough study,” said Dr. Parameswar Hari, the blood from the Medical College of Wisconsin. After the new study he said, “now, I believe it,” adding that “it may be very important.”

A recent study, which involved scientists from Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany and other countries, compared to 1 980 patients with severe COVID-19 with several thousand other people who are otherwise healthy or had only mild symptoms. The researchers attribute the differences in the six genes with the likelihood of severe disease and associated blood group a potential risk.

Hari said that people with type O (I) better recognize certain proteins as foreign, which may be spread on the surface of the virus. During the outbreak of SARS — in fact, a genetic relative of the new coronavirus — “it was noted that people with O-blood group are less likely to get severe disease,” he added.

Critics insisted on caution due to certain factors, including how the limited number of patients was presented in the latest research.

For comparison, the genetic testing firm 23andMe published a study, which involved 750 000 participants, after the company used their testing services to help scientists better understand how genetics can play a role in why some people acquire new coronavirus have different levels of severity and symptoms.

However, in a broader study it was found that blood type O (I) in 9-18% less positive for COVID-19 compared to other blood groups that is in keeping with the latest European research.

There are four main blood types — A (II) B (III) AB (IV) and O (I) and “is determined by proteins on the surface of your red blood cells,” said Dr. Mary Horowitz, scientific Director of the Center for international studies transplant blood and bone marrow.

Blood is also associated with susceptibility to some other infectious diseases, including cholera, recurrent urinary tract infections caused by E. coli, and H. pylori which can cause ulcers and stomach cancer, said Dr. David Valle, Director of the Institute of genetic medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

“This new study. This, in my opinion, is worth to publish, but it needs to hold on a larger number of patients,” said Valle.


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