Study: half of people with no symptoms of coronavirus

According to Iceland, the Italian city In and the cruise liner Diamond Princess, about half of the people infected with the coronavirus show no symptoms. This writes Fox News.

Исследование: у половины людей с коронавирусом отсутствуют симптомы

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Data from these sites are of particular interest to researchers because half of those infected do not show any symptoms — what’s wrong in the US and most countries.

Experts say that this discovery is of particular importance and shows that to identify all carriers may require more extensive testing.

Cruise ships

All 3711 passengers on a cruise ship “Diamond Princess” was tested. According to Japanese health Agency, which also quoted the CDC, 712 people have had positive results, of whom 331 (46%) never had external symptoms.

“Many cases seem to be asymptomatic. It’s good and bad news, because it means that the lethality of the virus may be lower than originally anticipated, but also that people can unknowingly spread the virus, ” said Fox News Patrick T. Dolan, a virologist at the University of California in San Francisco.

Experts say the discovery is important and shows that to identify all carriers may require more extensive testing.

It is also expected that the Centers for control and prevention (CDC) will soon recommend the hot spots in the spread of the virus to wear masks all, because it can help prevent the spread of the virus among people who have no symptoms.

Experts in health say that asymptomatic carriers are a major problem. The situation requires “the best national policy extensive testing to isolate asymptomatic cases,” said Ali S. Khan, Dean of the College of public health at the Medical center of the University of Nebraska.

The United States later began testing, but quickly become a world leader in the spread of the coronavirus.


In Iceland has been tested more than 6% of the total population, which is the highest percentage in the world. Almost half of these tests were conducted as part of a “screening program” in which anyone who asks for the test may obtain it, even if they have mild symptoms or they do not exist.

“Of the 5502 samples taken within the screening programme from 13 to 19 March, 50 tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. 66% of these people reported experiencing such symptoms as cough and pain in the body, the other part of the symptoms was not”, — reported in the Icelandic Directorate of health.

People without symptoms can spread the disease, but “we know the virus is more often transmitted from person-to-person if infected show symptoms,” said Nelson.

The good news is that a high percentage of cases without symptoms means that more people have recovered than thought researchers. But virologists say that even if we consider that, more than a million people could die if not taken precautions.

“You keep distancing and other measures such as the wearing of any mask for the face, perhaps even made homemade, when you go to buy food or buy medications,” says Dr. Peter Kolchinsky, author of “the Great American deal for the fight against drugs: a new prescription”. He studied Virology and is the managing partner of RA Capital Management, which invests in the development of new drugs.

“We all have to try to stay uninfected, to reduce the load on hospitals, while we will not get effective treatment and vaccines. When we get wide testing, people can return to work,” he said.

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