Study: part ill COVID-19 will never return the lost sense of smell and taste

According to a new study, almost 90% of people who lost their sense of smell and taste from the coronavirus, fully restored them or their condition improved within a month, but about 10% never returned them. This writes the New York Post.

Исследование: к части переболевших COVID-19 никогда не вернутся утраченные обоняние и вкус

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An Italian study showed that 49% of patients fully recovered your sense of smell or taste, and 40% had improved, but others reported that their symptoms either remained the same or worsened.

Some people infected with COVID-19, loss of smell or taste, known as anosmia, was recognized as the main symptoms, but a new study has shown that they don’t always come back after recovery.

An international team of researchers studied 187 Italians, who were infected, but was not sufficiently ill to be hospitalized. They were asked to rate their sense of smell or taste after diagnosis, and then a month.

Of the 113 respondents who reported a change in their sense of smell and taste, 55 said that he fully recovered, 46 reported improvements in their symptoms and 12 said that their symptoms had not changed or worsened.

The experts published their findings in the journal JAMA Otolaryngology.

Professor Claire Hopkins, one of the researchers, said that her team is conducting more studies people with prolonged symptoms.

“Data about other viral diseases and some of the new data that we collected show that the vast majority of people recover, but the recovery will be slow”, — said the President of the British society sinologicheskoj Hopkins.

“For people who heal faster, most likely, the virus affected only the cells lining the nose, she said. But for people who recover more slowly, it may happen that the virus has affected the nerves involved in smell. These nerve cells may require more time for recovery and regeneration”.


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