Study: the coronavirus has mutated into dozens of different strains

According to a new study conducted in China, the new coronavirus has mutated at least 30 different genetic variations. This writes Fox News.

Исследование: коронавирус мутировал в десятки различных штаммов

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The results showed that medical workers has significantly underestimated the overall ability of the virus to mutate to discover that different strains affect different parts of the world, leading to potential difficulties in finding a complete cure.

The study was conducted by Professor Lee LANGSUAN and his colleagues from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (China).

The researchers analyzed strains from 11 randomly selected patients with coronavirus from Hangzhou, where it was 1264 case and then tested how efficiently they can infect and kill cells.

It was discovered more than 30 different mutations of the virus, 19 of which were not previously detected.

“Sars-CoV-2 acquired mutations can significantly change its pathogenicity,” writes the study.

As of 12:00 April 22, COVID-19 infected more than 825 000 people in the United States and killed at least 45,000 people. In the United States was conducted over 4 million tests, but experts believe that they need to increase in order to cancel the quarantine. Worldwide, there are at least 2.5 million cases.

The team that I have found that some of the most aggressive strains are able to generate your viral load is 210 times stronger than mild viruses. Additionally, aggressive strains kill human cells faster than others.

According to their findings, “true diversity” viral strains are underestimated and should be investigated to find a cure or a vaccine.

“Developing drugs and vaccines, although it is a matter of urgency, should consider the impact of these accumulated mutations, especially mutations of the founders, to avoid a potential hazard,” write the authors.


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