Studying English with movies: top paintings by levels of language proficiency

One of the foundations of knowledge of the English language — the perception of it by ear — it is better to train while watching English-language films, writes Studway.

Изучаем английский по фильмам: топ картин по уровням владения языком

Photo: Depositphotos

For Elementary level (A1)
(Can understand and say simple words in English).

Should start with those films that you’ve managed to watch in their native language. For beginners, the perfect cartoon with simple vocabulary, for example the work of Pixar. Don’t forget about the subtitles, but let them be in English, otherwise the whole benefits of watching the movie will come to naught.

  1. Up ( “Up”). One of the cartoons of Pixar, suitable for beginners. This is a vivid story that can be understood even without words.
  2. Casper ( “Casper the friendly Ghost”). The animated series, telling about the Ghost who wants to find real friends. Casper is not only friendly — he talks short and understandable phrases.
  3. The Man Called Flinstone (the “Man called Flintstone”). A parody of the famous “James bond” (series of films about James bond). Funny cartoon with simple vocabulary, clear language and short sentences.
  4. Finding Nemo ( “finding Nemo”) is the story of how in the vast ocean looking for small fish.
  5. The Jungle Book ( “Jungle Book”) — classic cartoon was made in 1967. This story is about a boy Mowgli is a perfect example of the signature disney style.

For Pre-Intermediate (A2)
(Able to talk a little bit about yourself)

  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding ( “My big fat Greek wedding”). Romantic American Comedy, has become one of the most successful films of 2002. Its worth a look if only to cheer yourself up and listen to slow, clear speech the heroes of the film!
  2. The Holiday ( “Vacation exchange”). A romantic story about how two women decide to exchange houses. The main roles are played as the Americans (Cameron Diaz and Jack black) and the Brits (Jude law and Kate Winslet). Isn’t this a great opportunity to observe the “opposition” accents?
  3. Beauty and the Beast (“beauty and the beast”). Disney’s tale of true love, in which a lot of romance, songs and a good pronunciation.
  4. The Wizard of Oz ( “Wizard of Oz”). The movie, filmed in 1939, is a classic that can become an excellent educational tool for beginners.
  5. The Lion King (The Lion King). Cartoon probably watched it. And since we were advised to start with movies that you already watched in your native language, then why not choose a favorite story about Simba?

For Intermediate level (B1)
(Relatively well speak and understand, using basic times)

  1. Raiders of the Lost Arc ( “Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark”). The first of the films about Indiana Jones, in which he has to contend with the Nazis. Why should you watch? There are three reasons: interesting conversations, beautiful scenery and, of course, clashes with enemies, during which Indiana demonstrates a mastery of the whip.
  2. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ( “Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom”). Another story of the adventures of the sexiest archaeologist: this film is filled with action scenes, so the dialogues is relatively small. In addition, the place is India, so you have the opportunity to train understanding of “non-American” accent.
  3. Shrek ( “Shrek”). The adventures of a green Ogre can not only conduct a kind of tour of American culture (which is only a reference to “the Matrix”). “Shrek” is also the story of true love and strong friendship, the heroes of which speak pretty clearly. Nice detail: Fiona is voiced by the familiar Cameron Diaz.
  4. Toy Story ( “toy Story”). When Disney and Pixar unite for a joint project, born of magic. So was born the “toy Story” as if intended for children (this proves a relatively easy language). However, in this story, adults too can find something of their own.
  5. Cast Away ( “Exile”). This film is basically a monologue, so over the course of the events and thoughts of the main character is very easy to follow. By the way, about the characters: the main role is played by Tom Hanks, who is known for his slow pronunciation, which is so easy to understand!

For level Upper Intermediate (B2)
(Speak and understand well but make mistakes and have limited vocabulary)

For Advanced level (C1)
(Well speak and understand the interlocutor, almost don’t make mistakes)

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl ( “pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the black pearl”). Adventure film, which, however, should look carefully — the pirates are actively using the outdated vocabulary and literary style of speech. But the vocabulary will definitely be enriched!
  2. The Mummy ( “The Mummy”). Isn’t it interesting to find the word “mummification” or “sacrifice” in English? So we think.
  3. The Social Network ( “Social network”). The film is Aaron Sorkin, screenwriter of the popular series “news Service”. In “the Social network” you’ll hear dialogue in a lively conversational style, and will also enrich the dictionary of terminology relating to computers, technology and, in fact, social networking.
  4. Pride and Prejudice ( “Pride and prejudice”). A movie for true connoisseurs of the British classics. Check the version of 1995, with a head to plunge into the atmosphere of Prim England.
  5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s ( “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”). And this is an American classic with Audrey Hepburn in the title role. Definitely worth a look in the original language!