Stunner: looks like a fiery waterfall in California

Only a few days a year in Yosemite national Park is a rare natural phenomenon — amazing fire waterfall, really is a striking visual illusion. The sun’s rays fall on the water flow at a right angle, which creates the visual impression that the rock is flowing molten lava.

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Photo: Shutterstock

As a rule, a fiery waterfall is visible about two weeks a year — usually in February. In 2020, the season started on 12 February and, presumably, will end on 28 February. At this time in order to observe a fantastically beautiful natural illusion, to Yosemite national Park attracts hundreds of tourists and professional photographers arrange the special photo shoot.

How it will look like a waterfall in a particular year, depends on the volume of water flowing from the rock — so the spectacle is never identical to last year.

The waterfall is located on the East side of one of the high rocks-monoliths of Yosemite — mountains El Capitan. The water descends the mountain, two 1500-foot (460-meter) streams.

When the glow of the setting sun fall straight on down the slope to the water and illuminate its fiery red glow, it really looks like a waterfall of fire — a stunner!

To catch this effect is not easy: the ideal picture is available only in the evening, between 17:30 and 18:00 hours, when the sky no fog and clouds, and the sun must sit at the right angle.

Each time the show only lasts about 10 minutes — you need time to set up the camera and choose the optimal location of the shooting. However, this year many visitors complained that the water flow from the rock is not powerful enough — however, the view is still good.





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