Stylish Vera Brezhnev walked all over Paris

Lately in the press and network actively walk rumors about the alleged cheating husband of Vera Brezhnev Konstantin Meladze with the participant of group “VIA Gra”. However, the singer does not pay attention to them, besides, recently appeared in public together with her husband, so the divorce it clearly is not. Recently the artist traveled to Paris and shared in a network of atmospheric images.

Стильная Вера Брежнева прогулялась по Парижу

Faith walked around the French capital in a stylish and spectacular manner — striped gray coat and black fitted pants, adding an onion with sunglasses and a black handbag.

“Time flies inexorably fast.. but well, there is the opportunity to see a photo and remember that just 2 weeks ago I was in Paris, after that it was back in the 7 cities. it depends on the age or the pace of life?” — said Brezhnev.

Followers left a lot of positive feedback impressive image actress.

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