Subscribers Helena Kravets launched a flash mob for her

Elena Kravets has pleased fans very good news. Talented actress (by the way, earlier Kravets cried for the first time on camera) and a participant of the new season of dancing with the stars 2019 realized that she rarely communicates with fans in their social networks. Elena promised to correct the situation!

Подписчики Елены Кравец запустили для неё флешмоб

So, on his page in the network instagram Kravets appealed to the fans. It turned out that the subscribers of the actress even launched a flash mob — #of Lenoblispolkom. And called his favorite “get in touch” as often as possible.

“I am pleasantly surprised at how many people support our with max Leonov, a couple in the draft dancing with the stars 2019. AI how many followers appears on my page daily. Thank you that you are a part of my life and often leads to something new. Your flashmob #of Lenoblispolkom made me think and realize that I do very little to communicate with you, friends. So thank you for that is not Intrusive and a very subtle motivation! Now we will see more of you, just help me a little, please… In the comments welcome your suggestions and proposals on the formats what you want, interestingly, what is missing and that pisses me off!) Yes, the last is especially important) In General, ran together!” — says Kravets.

Your post it was accompanied by a photo taken during the third live dancing with the stars 2019 (passed September 8). Recall that the project has left a pair of earrings and Adeline.

Note, by the vote of the jury (Catherine Kuhar, Vlad, Jaama and Francisco Gomez) pair Elena Kravets, Maxim Leonov took 10th place (out of 13). Which, of course, upset and excited Kravets.

September 8, the couple presented an incendiary salsa. However, the judges appreciated the performance of the Elena 19 points (of 30 possible).

Catherine Kuhar said: “Helen, salsa, unfortunately, is not your strong point!” Prima ballerina Elena advised “the plow horse and float like a butterfly”.

Vlad Yama did not have enough Latin energy. The choreographer was even in places like the “chicken dance”.