Subsidies rely all unemployed

In connection with quarantine, the Ministry of social policy changes were made on the basis of which now grants rely all unemployed who are registered in the employment center.

Субсидии полагаются всем безработным

This was announced by Deputy Minister of social policy Vitaly muzichenko — reports Hvilya with reference to 1+1.

According to Muzychenko, the rules for obtaining subsidies is based on the study of the citizen’s income for the previous 6 months, however during the period of quarantine, many Ukrainians have been unable to work, so these rules were revised at the end of March.

So, to obtain a subsidy for unemployed who have issued the appropriate allowance, are recognized revenues in the amount of this allowance.

“There is a procedure for examining the property and financial situation of the recipient of subsidies. There is a certain period, which examines the documents. It’s 10 days. If the decision provides for certain circumstances, for example, man has two cars, two apartments, but the lost income, it should identify the inspector,” — said muzichenko.

He said that, in General, between filing of the appeal and receipt of payment may take approximately 10 days.

For reference.

According to the chamber of Commerce, the number of unemployed, because of the quarantine, have increased dramatically, and today it is 13.7%-15,4% of the working population.