Subsidies were again cut in the final version of the budget

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced changes to the regular changes of the state Budget, which Parliament will vote on April 13. In the new version of the budget was removed from the subsidies of about 8 billion hryvnia.

Субсидии снова урезали в финальной версии бюджета

The subsidy program is proposed to reduce 8.2 billion UAH, and various types of assistance was cut by 1.3 billion UAH.

Interestingly, in the first version of the government has already been proposed to withdraw of subsidies to more than 8 billion while this initiative harshly criticized, and it is quiet from the project disappeared. It was not in the second version of the budget from the Cabinet. But after reading the Budget Committee’s minus 8 billion in the article on subsidies suddenly surfaced again.