Successfully lose weight: 3 component Breakfast that help with belly fat

Legumes, nuts and green leafy vegetables are the ingredients in your Breakfast that can help you successfully lose weight. Such recommendation shared in dietitian Libby mills.

Успешно похудеть: 3 компонента завтрака, которые помогают от жира на животе

Protein from beans. Legumes and beans — it’s the perfect package of fiber, protein and carbohydrates, says Libby mills. As an example, eating beans for Breakfast, she led a traditional British Breakfast with beans and egg. The nutritionist advises to put the beans in an omelet, or alone to bake bread, adding vegetables and legumes. Another option of eating legumes can be hummus. According to the expert, “it is especially rich in protein and this compares favorably with sandwiches with cheese and jam.” Such a protein would be particularly effective for reducing belly fat.

Fat from nuts. Nuts are full of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, they are very rich in protein and are high in fiber. Libby mills recommends that you eat for Breakfast a handful of nuts – this will maintain a constant blood sugar level for a relatively long time, giving again hungry soon after Breakfast and start snacking to reduce the time until lunch. Thus, regular consumption of nuts in the morning helps to reduce calorie intake and lose weight successfully.

Fiber from green leafy vegetables. According to nutritionist, green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, contain a lot of vitamin C, which not only suppresses inflammation, but also lowers blood pressure. In addition, they have a lot of magnesium, which does not rise to the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Mills also points to the valuable fiber in green leafy vegetables, possessing a prebiotic effect: their use supports the beneficial bacteria in the gut, does not happen the preponderance of harmful bacteria that can lead to health problems, including weight gain. The expert recommended to eat for Breakfast, for example scrambled eggs with spinach or a green smoothie with banana leaves, cinnamon, oatmeal and spinach.