Sudden changes in appearance Ani Lorak surprised her fans


Ani Lorak at risk of losing their fans who are very disappointed with how she has changed. On the eve of the singer took pictures in the dressing room before going on stage. And whether she made the unusual makeup, whether it is treated by frame in photoshop, but it looks in the photo almost unrecognizable. Fans of the 40-year-old Lorak and scolded her for what she “sculpts” of yourself to another person.

Внезапные перемены во внешности Ани Лорак удивили её фанатов

Fans write that she began to look like thousands of other “instagib”, but Anya was formerly a bright personality and to confuse her with someone else was difficult.

“Beautiful, but like a doll, from former Carolina little left”, “is not the same…. Now it’s different, not the sincerity, elegance, individuality… it’s a copy, Why so much photoshop on the face?He looks sick”, “Lost his face! Very sorry, was beauty, was the doll pattern! Look in the mirror! Where Is Carolina?”, “From the old Ani Lorak nothing but the voice left. Merged with the total weight of the glamorous secular girls” — outraged fans Lorak.

Perhaps fans are too harsh in their statements? Ani, likely trying to follow fashion trends in makeup and style in General. Because recently she had her beloved, next to whom she wants to feel 15 years younger. Egor Gleb only 26 years old and it seems that he inspires Lorak at the Transfiguration. That’s just the fans don’t like the same singer and she should probably listen to their opinion. Otherwise many of them will be disappointed in the artist and her army of fans thinned.

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