Sudden hot flashes can be a symptom of a dangerous disease

Palpitations, sweating and sudden fever, the so-called tides… Where lies the reason for sudden changes in well-being?

Внезапные приливы жара могут быть признаком опасной болезни


If you are a woman over forty, you may have entered menopause. This is unavoidable, but you can facilitate health. Help taking drugs that increase estrogen levels, lack of stress, alcohol, fatty and fried, rich drink and moderate exercise.


Hypertension can also be the cause of the tides. It is easy to detect, regularly monitors its pressure. Help decreasing the pressure. But keep in mind that pressure changes are often only a symptom of a more serious health.


Vegetative-vascular dystonia is one of the most common causes of hot flushes. She is accompanied by an increase or a decrease in blood pressure, but its cause in the disruption of the nervous system. To cure the necessary medical care. And for quick relief of symptoms and help breathing exercises: breath in through your nose with protrusion of the abdomen and the breath on the inhale, then after 3-5 seconds slow exhalation with retraction of the abdomen.


Some disorders in the thyroid lead to the so-called fire of metabolism. This can happen even in a cool place. Used for diagnostic ultrasound of the prostate and a blood test for hormones. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis, treatment thyroid.

A brain tumor

The violation of thermoregulation of the body occurs for reasons associated with neurological disorders that include brain tumors, depression, panic attacks, etc. In this case, too, it is important not to fight the symptoms and to undergo an examination that will reveal the cause.