Summary of day 12 of the election campaign

Election Campaign Day 12 Summary


A day that began with some party leaders lashing out at the Prime Minister was cut short by news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

François Legault offered his condolences, but a leader objected to lowering the Quebec flag.

Here is the summary of Day 12 of the election campaign:

Coalition Avenir Québec

The campaign put on hold in Quebec

Prime Minister François Legault said he was suspending his campaign activities, which involved visiting a natural site on the North Shore, followed by militant activity in Charlevoix. He had informed earlier in the day that he was not affected by the state of health of the queen.

The CAQ wants a helicopter medical service

< p>The outgoing Prime Minister, François Legault, appeared in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region on Thursday for the second time in just ten days, to present a national plan for medical transport by helicopter.&nbsp ;

Electoral debate in Lévis: sparks on the 3th link

The third link project gave rise to passionate exchanges, Thursday noon, during a candidates' debate in the riding of Lévis organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Greater Lévis. 

Conservative Party of Quebec 

For a spending cap law

If they take power, the Conservatives will pass a law requiring the government to find a dollar in savings for every dollar spent. They would also launch a vast project to simplify regulations. 

Liberal Party of Quebec 

Immigration and violence: Anglade does don't believe Legault's excuses

The liberal leader does not believe the excuses of François Legault. The outgoing Prime Minister delivered the substance of his thought by associating violence with immigration, she said.  

Arsenic in Rouyn: former Liberal minister Isabelle Melançon defends himself

The former Minister of the Environment and candidate in Verdun, Isabelle Melançon, pleads that the renewal of the certificate, so that the arsenic exceeds more than 30 times the Quebec standard in Rouyn-Noranda, was undoubtedly decided in the cabinet of his Liberal predecessor.  

Parti Québécois 

< strong>PSPP opposes the half-masting of the flag

A few hours after the death of Elizabeth II, PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon opposed the half-masting of the flag. half-mast of the Quebec flag, as indicated by the Prime Minister, François Legault. 

PSPP deems Legault's remarks “inappropriate”

After refusing to do so the day before, the leader of the Parti Québécois finally called “inappropriate” the comments of François Legault associating immigration with violence. But he refuses to condemn them as such, repeating that his exit could not be clearer. 

Quebec solidaire

Promise of Quebec solidaire: 25,000 social housing units from the first mandate

Québec solidaire is committed to delivering 50,000 social housing units, half of which from the first mandate, in addition to betting on a densification of the of new homes.   

Encourage access to seafood

Québec solidaire wants to encourage the consumption of seafood seafood by creating the Québec Mer commercial platform and improving the labeling of these products. Dubois

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois persists and signs: no question of modifying his tax again for taxpayers whose net assets exceed $1 million, after agreeing to exempt agricultural land.