Summary of the 35th day of the electoral campaign

Election Campaign Day 35 Summary


See everything that happened on this 35th day of the election campaign. 

< p>Coalition Avenir Québec

Legault says his comments are wrongly associated with “racism”

Even if he presents himself as the champion defender of Quebec values, François Legault refuses to identify them for fear that his words will be associated with “racism”. 

Legault does not exclude not a referendum to demand federal powers in immigration

François Legault no longer rules out a sectoral referendum to demand more federal powers in immigration. 

“Outside the CAQ”: demonstration in progress at L'Assomption

Convoys from all over Quebec gathered on Saturday in L'Assomption, the riding of outgoing Prime Minister François Legault. Under the banner “Dehors la CAQ”, several demonstrators were already ready to make the trip early Saturday morning, to Lévis. 

Conservative Party of Quebec 

“A maximum of opposition deputies”, wishes Duhaime

To counter the “arrogance” of the CAQ, Quebec voters must elect Monday “a maximum of opposition deputies”, suggests Éric Duhaime.  

Pont de Québec : Duhaime wants a long-term agreement

Despite the renewal for 10 years of the lease agreement for the Quebec Bridge, Éric Duhaime considers that “the Government of Quebec has a duty to negotiate something long-term” in this thorny issue. 

Quebec Liberal Party 

Legault has tarnished the image of the Quebec, believes Anglade

François Legault's remarks on immigration during the election campaign have tarnished Quebec's image internationally and will harm the recruitment of foreign workers, believes Dominique Anglade.   

Parti Québécois 

PSPP defends its leadership and calls for a vote

Two days before the vote, the leader of the Parti Québécois believes that there is a wave of sympathy for him and knows that the challenge will be to motivate voters to go to the polls. He nevertheless had to defend his leadership after excluding two candidates from his team without demanding that they be removed from the ballot.   

Québec solidaire 

GND challenges the undecided two days before the vote

In what looked like a call for a strategic vote, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois began his campaign report, Saturday, inviting the undecided, young and old, to have, by Monday, a frank discussion on the future.