Summer euphoria: Salma Hayek enjoying a day at the ocean


Sandy beaches and waves of the sea continue to attract tourists! 52-year-old Salma Hayek is ready to compete with other stars in Instagram for the title of author of the most atmospheric summer picture in the social network. The actress enjoys vacation on the sandy shore covered with palm trees and cacti.

Летняя эйфория: Сальма Хайек наслаждается отдыхом на берегу океана

Film star gets real pleasure from the clear weather the water and does not intend to hide it. In an interview, she admitted she could describe yourself in three words:

Excited, grateful and fearless.

It seems next to the natural elements Salma is in harmony with itself. And if the recent photos on the social network Hayek appears to the followers of one, the paparazzi confirm about the family she does not forget. In early August, reporters saw her husband Francois-Henri Pinault and his children in Beverly hills.

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