Sunk in Baltic sea the vessel the Swedes have raised hundreds of bottles of elite cognac, sent in 1917 to Russia (PHOTO)

С затонувшего в Балтийском море судна шведы подняли сотни бутылок элитного коньяка, отправленного в 1917 году в Россию (ФОТО)

Swedish divers have raised 900 bottles of French cognac and liqueur with a ship that sank over 100 years ago near the Aland Islands in the Baltic. On it informs edition The Local. Scientists have found that the cargo of alcohol was sent to Russia.

On the Swedish ship may 19, 1917, during the First world war, was carrying 50 boxes of cognac and 15 boxes of liquor from France. Alcohol was smuggled into revolutionary Petrograd through the territorial waters of neutral Sweden. However, the Aland Islands, the ship was stopped by German submarine UC-58. The captain of the submarine considered the goods of elite alcohol smuggling and sank Swedish ship. However, his team was saved and transferred to another sea transport.

The place of death of the vessel was discovered in 1999. However, the case of Maritime transport been damaged by fishing trawls and divers for a long time did not dare to begin the study of historical findings. For this it was necessary to first clean the area of the search operation from the remnants of networking, said in a release the organizers of the expedition.

In the end, the search engines of the Swedish team Ocean X Team and the Icelandic iXplorer teamed up to lift the load from the bottom of the sea. “We found not only a rare cognac and liquor, but also part of the history of the former Imperial Russia”, – reads the statement of the representatives of the Ocean X Team. For the organization of the expedition they used the ship Deepsea Worker.

To raise about 600 bottles of cognac De Haartman & Co and 300 bottles of the famous liqueur Benedictine to the surface managed using a special underwater robots.

Swedish divers say that the alcohol was intended for the Emperor Nicholas II. However, this statement is incorrect, as the ship of brandy went to Petrograd on the Baltic sea after the Russian capital was the February revolution, the monarchy was effectively overthrown and Nicholas abdicated.

Search engines don’t know what will happen to the bottles and don’t even suspect how much they might cost.

Two bottles were sent to Sweden and Moscow to analyse and verify content safety.