Super distributors: as restaurants, hotels and cafes contribute to the infection of coronavirus

Scientists are studying the potential revival COVID-19 and how the enterprise “super-spreaders” may facilitate the transfer of coronavirus, when States weaken quarantine restrictions. This writes Fox Business.

Супер-распространители: как рестораны, отели и кафе способствуют заражению коронавирусом

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The researchers defined sedentary restaurants, fast food outlets and hotels like the three so-called “super-spreader” of coronavirus. The following conclusions were made based on the frequency and duration of visits, and square feet of businesses, but these data have not yet been confirmed by expert evaluation.

Exploring the density of these super-spreaders and the total number of cases COVID-19 every week, the researchers found that the increase in density of these companies at 1% was associated with an increase in cases of infection with coronavirus by 5%.

“This may have important implications when the us will re-open”, — the document says.

US States are in various stages of opening. Even when businesses have re-opened, the Centers for control and prevention (CDC) recommend precautions, wearing face masks, to adhere to social distancing and treating hand and surface sanitizer, as people can carry the coronavirus, even without symptoms COVID-19.

The study looked at six New England States, as well as severely affected new York and California. The authors said they plan to expand the study to all 50 States.

As of Wednesday, U.S. COVID-19 sick over 1.6 million people and over 100,000 people were killed. New York remains the most heavily affected state in both cases.

The researchers aim to create a tool that will help policy-makers and officials of the hospitals to monitor weekly traffic for super-distributors to help “to predict the potential second wave”.

They also plan to study how the re-opening affects the transmission COVID-19.




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